What is #beeritforward? 

It's like "pay it forward" but with tasty craft beer. Follow these steps to participate:

1. Ask your beertender for #beeritforward form.

2. Fill out the form and include who this beer belongs to. You can be as vague (ie "a guy with an epic beard") or specific (ie "Chris Sayer") as you'd like to be. Have fun!

3. Return the form to your beertender and pre-pay for the beer.

4. Pin the form to the #beeritforward board.

5. Optional - Post your gift to social media, tag your friend and Brewery Legitimus. 

Any patron may redeem one Beer It Forward card per day for which they meet the criteria (as determined by our beertenders). In the month of May we will be donating $1 for every #beeritfoward beer pre-purchased to a deserving charity.